Classic Car Club - Private Members

Classic Car Club – Membership Packages

Our members simply purchase packages of Classic Car Club ‘points’ that they exchange for days behind the wheel of some of the greatest cars ever made.

We take care of the downsides associated with ownership such as storage, insurance, maintenance, tax and repair and include unlimited mileage so you don’t have to worry about clocking up additional ‘stealth’ charges.

Private UK Membership

There is no fee to join the club and various private membership packages are available. All packages provide access to all of the cars in the fleet.  Each package comes with an allocation of time in which the points can be used.*

Taster: 3 months for 1 driver with 200 points for £1,495
The perfect gift
Short:  6 months for 1 driver with 350 points for £2,275
Great for seasonal use
Full: 12 months for 1 driver with 700 points for £4,200
A full year of motoring bliss
Extra: 12 months for 2 drivers with 1000 points for £5,495
The one to share

*The membership duration is activated on the first booking or three months from successful application, whichever occurs first.

Contact us to discuss the best package to suit your needs and check availability of places.

Overseas Membership

‘Overseas’ membership is open to non-residents of the UK and provides additional booking privileges and extended membership durations enabling you to plan your trips to the UK in confidence.

For a modest fee we can deliver and collect club cars from all of the London airports. Instead of queuing for a rental car why not have an E-Type waiting for your arrival?

Please contact us for more details.

Corporate Membership

We can sculpt a membership package or driving event to suit your needs, be it an off the shelf package or something a little left of field, we are experts at having a good time with four wheels.

Contact us for more details on how we can help you.